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The Langley Human Dignity Coalition is a community network of individuals, organizations, social services agencies, schools, and faith communities. We work together to represent the diversity of the community, while promoting and advancing the principles of human dignity, equality and inclusion for all members of society.



The Langley Human Dignity Coalition exists to promote, protect and advance the principles of human dignity, equality and inclusion in the community.  This will be accomplished through community assessment, education and public awareness.  Individuals impacted by racism, hatred and discrimination will be directed toward appropriate helps and supports.


We envision a more compassionate, welcoming Langley community that embraces each of its members as respected and valued human beings:


  • Where community members openly engage in dialogue with each other without discrimination.

  • Where individuals, families and cultural groups are respected for the perspectives, resources and history they bring.

  • Where there is openness to work together without prejudice to religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, age, cultural or socio-economic background.

  • Where youth are safe from bullying and discrimination.

  • Where individuals with disabilities are given opportunity to contribute fully to their community, according to their ability and gifting.

  • Where there is global awareness in the community that human dignity matters.

  • Where seniors are protected from isolation and able to live life out on their own terms.


The Coalition seeks to accomplish its mission by:

  • Facilitating opportunities for community interaction where there can be assessment of where human dignity is being compromised in the community; i.e. public discussion forums, representation at community and civic events, networking through Coalition partnerships.

  • Maintaining a current database/resource listing of community supports available to assist individuals who are being impacted by issues of hate, discrimination or racism, including providing protocols for response and advocacy.

  • Facilitating community education, where there can be opportunities for discussion and growth that will generate awareness and application of human dignity principles.


We are children, youth, adults and seniors.

We are all races, all religions, all cultures.

We speak all languages.

We are all abilities, all professions, all economic levels

All sexual orientations, all genders.

We value diversity.

We respect all our neighbors and clients and extend respect to them in all that we do.

We embrace all types of families.

Therefore, we will act to promote inclusion of all in our Coalition and in our community

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