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Moose Hide Campaign for 2022 has Begun.

Updated: May 12, 2022

Please see below more information on getting involved with the Moose Hide Campaign. LHDC has signed up to part of the 2022 Campaign.

Moose Hide Campaign

Moose Hide Campaign Day 2022 / Journée de la campagne Moose Hide 2022

Thank you for registering for Moose Hide Campaign Day 2022!

We are so grateful that you will be joining us on May 12th from 12 pm to 6 pm for our 12th annual gathering at Douglas Park Spirit Square - 20550 Douglas Crescent, Langley BC. This virtual event will be an opportunity for communities from coast to coast to coast (and beyond!) to come together and witness powerful speakers, participate in ceremony and take part in engaging and interactive workshops.

We will soon be going live with our event website which will be a single hub for everything related to Moose Hide Campaign Day including resources for fasters, information about workshops, background videos from Campaign Co-Founders Paul and Raven Lacerte - and much more.

If you have not had a chance to order moose hide pins yet, you can do so through our website. They are free of charge to order and we offer non-leather ones as well. We encourage you to order your pins as soon as possible, as order volumes and shipping times always increase as we get closer to Moose Hide Campaign Day.

If you have any questions regarding Moose Hide Campaign Day please email us at

Thank you again for registering for Moose Hide Campaign Day, and we look forward to seeing you on May12th!

- The Moose Hide Campaign FamilyMoose Hide Campaign

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